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RAP/CTS Scholarships are NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!   Image result for click here   

RAP Scholarships were created to recognize the accomplishments of Alberta high school students participating in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).

RAP Scholarships encourage students to continue their apprenticeship training after completing high school. In 2012, RAP Scholarships were expanded to include students who have completed a Career and Technology Studies (CTS) apprenticeship pathway500 RAP/CTS Scholarships of $1,000 each are available annually.

All students who will have graduated from high school in June of this year, or earlier, are registered apprentices or plan to continue their apprenticeship training after graduation are invited to apply. Apprentices who apply for the RAP/CTS Scholarship must have at least one period of technical training remaining in order to claim the Scholarship.

A RAP student must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and a resident of Alberta as defined by Alberta Scholarship Programs; 
  • have completed the requirements for a high school diploma in June or earlier; 
  • be registered as an Alberta apprentice in a trade while still attending high school; 
  • have completed a minimum of 250 hours of on-the-job training and work experience in your trade; 
  • be continuing in an approved regular apprenticeship program; 
  • have NOT been awarded a RAP Scholarship previously; and 
  • have at least one period of technical training remaining. 

A CTS Apprenticeship Pathway,  a student must

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and a resident of Alberta as defined by Alberta Scholarship Programs;
  • be a registered Alberta apprentice or plan to register within 12 months;
  • have completed the requirements for high school graduation in June or earlier;
  • have completed one of the five apprenticeship pathways: Automotive Service Technician, Carpenter, Cook, Hairstylist, Welder 
  • have at least one period of technical training remaining; and
  • must NOT be a previous RAP Scholarship award recipient. 

Funds for these scholarships are provided by a joint investment of contributions from the private sector and the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund.

Applications for the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Scholarship are now available. 

Be sure to complete it fully. Incomplete applications will not be considered.      

Deadline Date: July 1, 2017


"This scholarship was named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier. He was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta, and his active involvement in community affairs."  The aim of this annual scholarship is "to recognize and reward academic achievement at the senior high school level and to encourage students to pursue post-secondary studies."

Value: Up to $2,500.  The amount you are awarded depends on the criteria outlined in the chart below.   Please visit the FAQ section and click on the icon for more information: Image result for scholarships logo

Eligibility: Apply once you have been accepted in full-time post-secondary studies. 

Rutherford Course Requirements

Image result for click here         The Johnathan Doody Memorial Scholarship - 3 @ $800.00 each. 

For future first  year male University of Alberta students.  The scholarship is preferred for students who have a strong commitment to both academics and extracurriculars/volunteering.

DEADLINE: The application is open from now until September 14th for eligible students, and formal interviews will take place the week of October 2nd. 


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 This is a safe site, use a user name and password that you will not forget. Click on the image to get to the website.

Do not use your GHS username and password as all students are deleted from the PRSD network immediately after they graduate.

On this site you can

  • "Order transcripts (your official high school marks)
  • Register for diploma exams
  • View diploma exam results
  • View progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)
  • View student personal information
  • View and print detailed academic reports (DAR)"                                                                                                                            (  



Image result for lOGO aLBERTA EDUCATION

Click on the Alberta Education logo to go to the High School Diploma/Graduation Requirements page of Alberta Education.

Under the "High School Diploma" tab,you will find the pdf document, GUIDE TO EDUCATION ECS TO GRADE 12 2015–2016, which includes information on the following and many more areas of interest for students and parents/guardians:

  • Alberta High School Diploma requirements (p. 87)                            NOTE: page numbers are pdf pages, and not the original document pages
  • Certificate of High School Completion (p.87) - this is not an equivalent to a diploma                         
  • Certificate of School Completion (p. 87)- this is not an equivalent to a diploma 
  • Diploma Exams for Grade 12 students (p. 105)
  • High School Courses amd Sequencing taken in high school (p.80)
  • OFF-CAMPUS COURSES and the prerequisite courses needed to take the following:  (p. 77)
    • Work Experience   (p. 64)  
      • to enroll in this program, students must successfully complete HCS3000 (Workplace Safety Systems) - 1 credit course taken in Grade 10 at GHS in CALM/Work Prep
      • work hours accumulated before the student has completed HCS3000 cannot be counted as Work Experience hours.
      • A maximum of 30 credits can be obtained in this program; however, only 15 Work Experience credits can be used to meet the -credit requirement for an Alberta High School Diploma.
    • the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) - year 1 of a designated Alberta trade  (p. 64)  
      • to enroll in this program, students must successfully complete HCS3010 (Workplace Safety Practices)  also taken in CALM/Work Prep and have successfullycompleted 125 hours of Work Experience
    • the Green Certificate Program (credits farm work)  including links for further information (p. 65)


Image result for 95%
the employment rate of Albertans 25-35 with a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree
Image result for 17
the average number of work transitions a person is likely to experience over his/her lifetime
Image result for "75%"
on average, the portion of students' educational costs covered by the provincial government
          Stats show that post-secondary graduates earn between $180,000 to $728,000 more than those with only a high school diploma
SOURCE: This Is Your Life: A Career and Education Planning Guide. Edmonton, AB: Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, 2009. Print. 

post-secondary education: education after high school               post-secondary institutions include colleges, apprenticeship programs, and universities

occupation: a group of jobs with similar characteristics (e.g. nursing)       job: a specific postiion with an employer (e.g. RN at Grimshaw Hospital)

                               career: the sum total of your life expereinces including education, training, paid work and volunteer work.


  • at GHS every Grade 10 student  has the opportunity  to create a digital career portfolio in CALM class [Career and Life Management -  a graduation requirement]

  • it is expected that students

    • share their career portfolio with their families

    • revisited &adjust it throughout  highschool

    • do some research using the links on this page before making an appointment with their Teacher Advisor &/or Guidance Counsellor, Miss St. André 

  • it is recommended that students keep their portfolios while in post-secondary education (colleges, apprenticeship programs, and universities), and in adulthood.

  • Grade 9 parents/guardians be sure to attend our Grade 9 High School Course Selection and Information Night hosted each year in May.  

  •    A great resource for parents, Career Coaching Your Teens: A Guide for Parents is available for $0 at the office. Image result for smiley emoji          

  •    This guide offers advice and resources to help you support your child explore career options &                                                            help him/her make informed career decisions. 



Image result for 1 GHS has myBlueprint    

GHS introduced this web-based application to its students in the 2015-16 school year.  With myBlueprint students create an account that stays active after highschool.  myBlueprint is part of the Junior High Health Program and Senior High CALM Program.


  • create a personalized career plan,
  • select high school courses,
  • see if you are eligible to apply to specific post-secondary programs programs,  
  • track theyour progresss toward the Rutherford Scholarship, 
  • explore occupations  
  • create a digital portfolio for anything - a sports portfolio - a writing portfolio - a volunteerism portfolio -  that can be adjusted or added to at any time


      Image result for arrow clip art ​ Enter your email address and myBlueprint password in the Existing User Box Image result for arrow clip art Click Login

      NOTE:  personal email, and not your GHS email.  

      WHY?  After you leave GHS, your PRSD10 account is deleted, however, your myBluyeprint account can be accessed after highschool.

     What if I forgot my password? Image result for arrow clip art Click on “Forgot your password?”


PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Are you interested in signing up to view your child's account?

         Image result for arrow clip art Visit Image result for arrow clip art In the New User box, enter your child’s school Activation Key and click Create Account 

         Image result for arrow clip art Click Not a Student? Teachers, Counsellors, and Parents sign up here Image result for arrow clip art Select Parent/Guardian/Advisor

         Image result for arrow clip art Fill out the sign up form Image result for arrow clip art From the sign up page, click on Link to Student Image result for arrow clip art  Enter your child’s email address for his or her myBlueprint account

        Don’t know your child’s email address? You can link to them later!

         Image result for arrow clip art Log in to your account Image result for arrow clip art Click Add Student Image result for arrow clip art Enter their email address and click Search Image result for arrow clip art Once Matches are found, click Send Request

          To explore student features:  From your Dashboard, Image result for arrow clip art click Go to Student View to access a demo student account 

 Sept. 6, 2016 release of myBlueprint 5.0, including a fully responsive design!; thiswebsite adapts to a user’s behavior and environment based on screen size and platform. As students switch between a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, myBlueprint will automatically adjust, increasing accessibility and engagement. With 50%+ of all internet traffic coming from mobile phones and tablets, responsive web design is more important than ever!" (

to GHS's myBlueprint:  October 1, 2016:  integration of myBlueprint with Maplewood. Now GHS students will not have to manually enter their  courses and marks on their accounts as it will automatically be uploaded every September and February.  Now you can see your grades as soon as they are available on your GHS transcripts.

Image result for 2  ALIS

 Alberta Learning Information Service - Home Page 

CAREER INSITE match your skills, interests, and more with jobs
                         and occupations
OCC INFO gives you access for up-to-date information with
                 "over 550 occupational profiles" on Alberta jobs.
Information on APPRENTICESHIPS and RAP 
                                                           (Registered Apprenticeship Program)
Specific career planning information for persons with disabilities
Specific career planning information for Aboriginal Peoples
Specific information to help youth transition from high school and home to post secondary education and living on their own.
information on PAYING FOR YOUR EDUCATION including information on scholarships and bursaries and loans and links to Student Aid Alberta, which has the official ONLINE LOAN APPLICATION
CAREER INFORMATION HOTLINE: Personal advice and referrals about your career, education and employment options in Alberta from Career Advisors
Protecting yourself ON THE JOB; your rights and responsibilites 
NOTE:  Since ALIS only provides a brief summary of high school entry requirements, go directly to the college or university's website to find more complete and up-to-date information.  Once you get to the college's or university's site, do a search for "high school entry requirements".  Some programs at certain post-secondary institutions will provide you with the minimum average -the competitive average - you need to get into the school - book an appointment with Miss St. André to contact the school directly for more accurate information.

Image result for new

Image result for 3   Learning Clicks

     Click on the "NEW" icon to go straight to the site.

Ambassadors from this Alberta government organization visit Grade 9 and Senior High students yearly at GHS to introduce our students to navigating through life in post-secondary institutions. This is the first year Learning Clilcks has its own website, with excellent resources for students including: 

  • post-secondary and career information
  • tips on relationships
  • mental health information
  • study tips and tricks
  • networking
  • transitioning to post-secondary,
  • travelling and studying abroad,
  • financing your post-secondary education, and more!

Make sure  you CHECK OUT the AMBASSADORS tab, where you can email an ambassador (a student enrolled in an Alberta post-secondary institution) and ask them questions about anything to do with post-secondary education and student life on campus (housing, clubs, fitness, sports...)  



 Look on that post-secondary institution's website:  Look for a tab or do a search for Admisssions, or Application Open and Due Dates 

When you apply early, you are put on a waiting list based on the date your application is received by the college or university.    The college or university will then wait for your first semester final course marks (including your Diploma exam marks) and, provided that the average of the high school courses specified by the institution meet or exceed the requirements, you will receive a letter saying you are "conditionally accepted".  A conditional acceptance means that the college or university is waiting for Alberta Learning to verify that you have received your high school diploma and sent your official high school transcripts (with Diploma exam marks) to that college or university.  If your final marks of specific high school courses meets or exceeds the entrance average for that particular program of study and your average is competitive with other applicants, you will receive a letter stating you are "accepted". 



You will be required to create an account.  This is a safe site, so use a username and password that is professional, and one you will easily remember.  Do not forget your password - it takes up to 2 weeks to retrieve it; time that could hurt your chance of being accepted.

Apply Alberta guides you through the application process step-by-step -they even have a video - and you can log out and return at any time.  The process does take some time; be patient.  When you apply, you need to have the following items: (a) your Alberta Student ID# (located on your transcripts - see Ms. Rendall to get your copy) and (b) a credit card. If you have any questions, or are interested in applying to a college or university in a different province, make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor, Miss St. André.


more information on...


"Approximately 7 million dollars in scholarships are unclaimed every year in Canada", because (a) students do not apply for them and (b) many students do not realize that scholarships are not solely based on marks - many are based on volunteerism and community involvement (Macleans magazine, 2010)

Click on the grad cap to  go to the webpage  

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  "5 Step to Winning Scholarships"

Image result for grad cap with gold tassel  High School First Year Apprenticeship Award
Image result for grad cap with gold tassel   A list of Alberta scholarships by the month they are due
Image result for grad cap with gold tassel

 The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship (scroll down to "Course Requirement" and click on "Expand All") 

               NOTE: when you set up your account at the Alberta Student finance System [see below], you apply for the Rutherford scholarship at the same time.

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   Image result for scholarships canadaSIGN UP ASAP

Image result for grad cap with gold tassel

  Everything you need to know "Before You Apply" for a Student Loan

           (including when to apply, costs  of educational expenses, living costs, and what you are expected to contribute on your own.

Image result for grad cap with gold tassel   "How to Apply" for a Student Loan & the Alberta Rutherford Scholarship
Image result for grad cap with gold tassel   Alberta Student Finance System - the direct link to create your account and apply for loans & the Rutherford


updated  May 11, 2017  - Miss J. St.André