GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

GPS Upcoming Weekly Information

January 20—January 24


Monday, Jan 20

K-6 Lunch Roast Beef Sandwich & veggie

Skating for Grade 7 & 9 Gym classes

Crazy Hair Day

ECS Skating (Full A-Z) 2—3 pm

New spelling words go home 3/4 A

Elementary options in afternoon

Monday , Jan., 20: English 10-2 & English 10-1: starting in PLT ESSAY FINAL EXAM- Part A.

French 30 Présentations: les années....

Math 30-2 Diploma Prep 4-6pm


Tuesday, Jan 21

K-6 Lunch

Skating 3J 3/ 4A 12:45-1:45

CALM interviews in class today

Math 30-2 Diploma Prep 4-6pm

Last day of Regular Classes for Senior High Students


Wednesday, Jan 22

Parent Council Lunch if Ordered: Pulled Pork Bun, Carrots N Dip, & Fruit Salad

Math 30-1/30-2 Diploma

Calm Interviews in the AM

Tobacco Presentations by Trevor Lusby, Addictions counselor with AHS. 9:00am til 1:30pm.

2pm Motivational Magic GPS

Travel Club meeting for those interested in participating at 4:00 pm. We have changed the destination to Europe with Germany, Austria and Hungary. There will be information on the itinerary and fundraising opportunities to offset the costs.


Thursday, Jan 23

K-6 Lunch Yogurt Parfait, Breakfast Bar & Fruit

Science 9 Quiz

Science 10 Final Exam

ELA 30-1/30-2 Part B Diploma

9:30 ECS Hospital Trip Full S-Z am, TTH

12:45 5 P and 2 G Skating


Friday, Jan 24

K-6 Lunch Pulled Pork & Veggie

K-6 Hot Lunch Forms DUE!

9:30 ECS Hospital Trip Full A-R

Social 30-1/30-2 Part B Diploma



Have a great weekend!

The Weather Network says the high for Monday is –8, so here's hoping for outside recess’ next week!