GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

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June 10—14


Monday  June 10

K-6 Lunch Breakfast Bun & Fruit

Murray Cup 1:30—3:30

English 20-2: Journal #2 (extended deadline) DUE

Art 20: Master Painting (extended deadline) DUE

Art 30: Found Sculpture DUE


Tuesday June 11

K-6 Lunch Chicken Caesar Salad

Swimming 6P   9:15

Swimming 4HW 12:45

Swimming 3/4A & 2W 2:00

ECS Open House for Dads 6:30—8:30

5:30pm—Athletic Awards Banquet

Math 9 Linear Relations Chapter Exam

English 20-2: Journal #3 DUE


Wednesday June 12

K-6 Lunch Roast Beef Sandwich & Veggie

Swimming grades 7& 8 9am—12:15

Swimming 1-3:15 Sr High

Science 8 Fresh and Saltwater Systems Unit Exam


Thursday June 13

K-6 Lunch  Pulled Pork & Veggie

ELA 20-1 Part A 9am-3pm

Social 30-1 Part A Diploma Exam 9am-3pm

Social 30-2 Part A Diploma Exam 9am-2pm

English 20-1 Part A Essay Exam 1:26-3:30

English 20-2 Part A Essay Exam 1:26-3:30


Friday June 14

K-6 Lunch Yogurt Parfait & Granola Bar

3/4A last spelling test of the year.

Swimming 1D & 3T 10:30

ECS Year End Event 12:30—3:00

Swimming 2H & 5A 12:45

Swimming 1W & 5/6F 2:00

Grade 5 Freezie Fund Raiser ($1.00 per Jumbo Freezie)

English 20-2: "Forbidden City" Thematic Essay Final Draft DUE

Junior & Senior High: know your FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE - STUDY!

14 Days Left for grade 1– 9

Senior High students have 6 class days left

Don’t forget to check out the website for the most updated calendar. Also you can find Mr. Bennett’s Superintendent message for June and the June safety message on GPS’ Facebook page and the GPS website.