GPS Weekly News

GPS Weekly News

GPS Upcoming Weekly Information

May 27—31


Monday May 27

K - 6 Lunch Hot Lunch Mom's hotdogs, freezies etc

Elementary Track & Field

NO ECS Classes/Prep Day


Tuesday May 28

K-6 Lunch  Taco Salad

Swimming 4HW 10:30

1D & 3/4A Swimming 12:45

ECS Full & T/Th Swimming 2:00

Quiz Ch. 11 /12 Key Terms Social 10-2

Mile Zero Playground Society meeting at 7pm being held at Holy Family School


Wednesday May 29

K-6 Lunch Cheese Burger

Peace High Drama Performance (am)

Comets Sports Program 12:45

Meteors Sports Program 2:00

Grade 7 & 8 Gym classes swimming (am)

Senior Gym Classes Swimming (pm)

Math 10-3: Trigonometry Unit Final

Math 20-3: Graphing Final Project Due


Thursday May 30

K-6 Lunch Ham & Cheese Sub with Veggie

6P Field trip to Wilderness Park


Friday May 31

K-6 Lunch Ham Breakfast Bun & Fruit

Science Quiz Gr 3A sound / Gr. 4 shadow and light

3T Swimming 9:15

ECS M/W & AM 10:30

2H & 2W Swimming 12:45

1W & 5/6F Swimming 2:00

Jr/Sr High Science Olympics 10:00am—12:30pm

Social 10-2 Transnational Corporation Project is Due

ELA 20-1 Novel Essay is due

Jr/Sr Track Zones in Grande Prairie ~ Good Luck to all of our athletes competing over the next two days.



On Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 2:00pm the Eagle Feather Graduation Ceremony for our Indigenous Graduates will be held at the Peace River Agriculture Grounds in the Northern Sunrise County.